Hi! I’m Danielle,  27 years ago today, sitting at an antique desk with 1 rack full of clothes, (rack and desk both on loan from my generous landlord) I opening the doors of Danielle’s Consignment. The previous month, my boyfriend (now husband) and I had spent canvasing the surrounding neighbourhoods by foot, dropping off flyers about my “GRAND OPENING” and answering ads for clothing for sale, to offer them a consignment policy instead. The “opening" I pictured in my head…. balloons, streamers, people rushing in to "snap up" the small but well curated collection of clothing I had put together, did not exactly happen. Fortunately for me each day after that, customers did start trickle in and clothes did start too accumulate, one rack became two, three, four and so on. At a glance here is the expedited version of my past 27 years.

 How to run a Small Business on your own learning Curve . (year 1-6)
 Wedding (year 6)
 The addition of 2 beautiful sons. (year 7 & 8)
 GRATEFUL for amazing childcare. (year 7,8,9,10,11+…. )
 Shop RENOVATION & doubling in size. (year 20 )
 Social MEDIA learning curve. (year 21)
 ONLINE learning curve. (year 23)
 COVID, very steep learning curve. (year 25,26)
The BEST is yet to come. (year 28)

 Obviously not without a bit of learning curves over the years but hindsight has taught me that these appear in your life when it is time to make room for change & light. When the dust has settled, there has been a lot of both for me.

 Thank you to this community and support that surrounds myself and my wonderful team. Each and everyday in my little shop we await your arrival to "snap up" the now mighty and well curated collection of clothing and the beautiful items that you are entrusting us to find a new home for you.